SurRENDER to Ads

Posted on September 15, 2010


Scrutinizing Google’s “Watch This Space video” reminds me how much harder it will be for print media to overcome its battles with advertisers using display ads.

Forget toiling over finding ways to pay for papers, now it’s bombarding its complementary websites with ads that take over the viewers you want to read your story.

The tables turn, from freedom to display news where you want it on the webpage to suddenly giving your favorite spot away to an airline ticket, or the new Dolce & Gabbana bag.

It’s becoming easier to “deliver” visual ads to the audience online.
Before and still today, when you go to websites, ads flood the whole page and suddenly you’re linking to a site that doesn’t want to close. This is just like commercials in the middle of a movie.

When will the ads ask for bailout?

Over the summer, Business Insider stated Silicon Alley Insider’s (SAI) Chart of the Day as the amount (so excruciating to the eyes) tech companies are willing to expend on advertising.

Furthermore, it hurts to know that some of the companies that spent more earned less than others.