Google is Stretching Corners of News Desk

Posted on September 23, 2010


There is a limit to how much news is called news.

If I see another story on who the new judges on American Idol season 10 are I am going to start throwing things.  Google News founder Krishna Bharat explains to CNET news that they comb out the relevant news that they think editors would like to inform readers, this is agreeable.  However, when it comes to judging the readers ability to choose what’s newsworthy, I beg to differ.

If you consider all the users of Google and the percentage of those who use Google News, how many would be the best judge to decide what’s news? Besides, we have seen countless times of stories that were unimportant to half the country but should have had more impact on us than any celebrity gossip.

I believe that more coverage should be expensed on international affairs.  I’m flabbergasted when someone doesn’t know world leaders.  We are stuck in a me, me, me world and it’s about time we explore life outside the U.S.  We only worry about things when it affects us, but why can we not look into women’s rights advocacy in Asia or Africa? Why would the front page only be available to International News when a natural disaster occurs?

Google has expanded its corners of the news desk, to include services that allow users to pick stories that interest them, then select who they want to tell the story.  Not only is this narrowing the news source, but this system is unfair to the publications that have toiled over their stories.

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