Are you LinkedIn?

Posted on September 30, 2010


LinkedIn is the solution.  When graduates are realizing that posting pictures of their night out on facebook is not a great idea when looking for employment these days, they can to go to LinkedIn.  It provides the best of both worlds.

You fill it out a profile with all your skills and experiences, ask for people to write recommendations then  join as many networks as you can.  The New York Times interviewed Joanna Wiseberg, who started Red Scarf Equestrian (makes luxury handbags and luggage) during the recession; and because of LinkedIn many people in her network recommended her products to others. So the more networks you join, the farther you’ll go!

Who said you can’t socially interact and look for work at the same time?  Of course, you have to consider not posting unsavory pictures and joining networks that ruin your reputation.  But what have you got to lose? Be clean for once.

LinkedIn is by far an exceptional tool to improve your ability to network to potential employers and get yourself heard.  It’s also a place where you can go to get excellent advice from experts and ask questions.