On Social Networking

Posted on October 1, 2010


Everyone is realizing why it’s important to twitter and facebook and have other networking sites that can promote their business and readership.  It’s inevitable and it’s aberrant if you don’t get involved.  If you’re rival has one, you must have one that’s even better.

How can you take this a step farther?

Including you’re readers and followers in the essence of what you do.  Make them feel like they are a part of a project and moving them forward.  That’s how.

A great recent example, from The New York Times, was when Cosmopolitan magazine used Facebook Connect to allow viewers to upload their photos and videos to be a part of their ad campaign, which is being featured in New York city.  Although I’m not a regular cosmo-girl, I would personally love to have my hands in on a project this size.

There is a downside to this in the news media world.  Accepting all sources to be involved in stories takes away the news outlet’s original reporting.  Some sources could be inexperienced and some could be bias. You just have to watch out for those.

However, it can come in handy. This type of reporting by audience (Pro-Am Journalism) is successfully seen on CNN’s iReport, where people can submit videos and photos (their own content) and get their voices on a platform.  Of course, CNN goes through which ones are good enough to be posted, but you do get recognition.  I mean, who doesn’t like having their material on a prominent news network?