New Leaders Wanted

Posted on October 8, 2010


Has anyone else but me noticed the recent pile of resignations left by co-founders, CEOs, and executives?  I’m pretty sure it’s catching up to you, now that you think about it.

Let me list a few:

Not only that, but can you can see a pattern.  Some of the new incoming leaders are recycled by other companies.  It makes sense of course, the companies don’t want inexperienced leaders (having the title of Yahoo Executive Vice President on a résumé is a plus).  It also seems like once one company decided to replace an executive so did the others.  It became a domino effect.

I believe the reasons behind this is the new era of media and business prowess.  Advertising is a big source of revenue for many and consultants and experts are sought  to recommend and hone these companies on how to reel consumers and viewers.

There are companies, like Google, which seems to come up with all these new innovations without shifting leaders, where do they get their ideas from? If you’re looking for the answer I don’t know.

Check this out. Logitech Revue box, an amalgam of cable programming and web-based videos giving access to HD video, photos, music, and games; and you can use your Android or iPhone as the remote, all you need to do is connect it to your cable and TV and you have Google TV.  Now, Google is officially in the living room.

The possibilities seem endless with what companies can come up with these days.  Leadership is now all about experience and what you can bring to the table.  There are new mediums out their waiting to be discovered and companies are trying to tap into it.

Can the news media up the ante on utilizing the mediums?  It seems as though the key is to see what is popular among users and invite readers by developing something that someone else can’t offer.  For now, journalism has to go neck to neck with companies like these and news organizations have to find a way to draw readers back and make them stick.  It’s not just about profits here, it’s a matter of getting news heard.