Yakety Yak…

Posted on October 22, 2010


There are some of us who have difficulty speaking to the public, whether it’s when we express our opinions or when we have unbearable interviews.  There are others who speak with full confidence and if this type of person was a candidate for president, they got your vote.  Then there are those who say things without a notion, and in this case, a spokesperson is needed.  Well, what if your career depended on it?

This is what happens when confident  and experienced journalists go on the air and express their views, no matter how strongly they believe it’s right.  Juan Williams, a (former) journalist of National Public Radio (NPR), said live on the O’Reilly Factor he feared seeing people in “Muslim garb” on an airplane.  It cost him his job.

No matter how personal you feel about a subject, it’s important to be transparent.  However, when you are a provider of information to the general public, certain morals should be upheld.  If Williams had a script beforehand and the network were to review it, he could have been saved.  He worked for Fox News as a commentator, could they have set him up? If you look at the Fox News Channel programming list, you can’t miss the fact there are more opinion shows than news.

Sadly, Williams did not think of the consequences, but he’s not that down in the dump.  He’s been on a tour of news channels to share his recent thoughts.  His latest appearance was on Huckabee.

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