Death of Cable TV

Posted on October 28, 2010


You may wonder how in the world is Cable TV is going to crumble? Well, it’s probably not that obvious unless you look at recent drops of Cable TV customers (more statistics will follow) and the arrival of Google TV.

Think of it like this, why should we pay for cable if Google TV is basically like having the computer for a TV?  All you need is the Internet and a TV box, and you’re set.  Google is really on the rise with this new business model–taking over all forms of medium.  And it doesn’t help that cable providers are charging high and reports are showing that they are losing customers and earnings.

Let’s look at its effect on broadcast television.  If we are daily news consumers with the information we get from CBS, CNN or any other news organization, how can we expect the Internet to become our sole provider of news? So much work is behind the making of broadcast journalism and now because of this new model to completely route every material to the Internet, we are losing our quality of news.  Online makes it more “free” and what if this is endangering real news.  You’d never know what unreliable source is giving you information.

Having print was where the news started, then we transitioned to the television and now should it completely go online?

Apple TV also started before Google TV. As of now, both have limitations with Apple offering rentals and ABC, NBC and CBS blocking Google from their content.  For now, this may buy some time for cable, but what will the future hold?

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