Immigrant Newspapers Keep Circulation and Go Digital

Posted on October 30, 2010


There were a booming number of newspapers counting back to the 1950s, 70s and even in the past decade, for immigrants arriving in America.  It was home-news away from home.

They were sources of community reinforcement, and now in this digital age, many are online.

China Daily, founded in 1981 with vast number of publications, has worldwide circulation of 400,000, as well as an online news site.  Not only that, but the news reported is a lot more in-depth than the real restricted  news in China.  Their expanse on multimedia has not been given enough credit.

Since there are multiple papers under China Daily, along the right side of the news site are the list of E-daily papers then a bar asking to subscribe, what more can an editor ask?

There’s much being used on their site.  An offer of bilingual mobile newspaper, a daily mobile portal with iPad/iPhone apps.  The list goes on.  Their site draws crowds not only from the United States and China, but overseas from other countries.

There’s also Novoye Russkoye Slovo, a Russian daily newspaper founded in 1910.  Now if you go to its website, you probably won’t be able to understand, but you can just tell by their multimedia and pictures posted that they are covering news from Washington to New York elections and even the recent Juan Williams story in Russian.

The Parikh Worldwide Media LLC is another publishing group in America, having joined circulation and readership influence in the American and Indian market.  It includes several weekly, one serving the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut region and a bimonthly paper as well as online coverage.  And unlike many newspapers, it’s more diverse due to the multiplicity of regions in India.

We are also forgetting one important matter, how these news organizations are essential to American newspaper coverage of international news.  Some papers are struggling to keep international correspondents, but in the mean time they subsidize stories from papers like these that actually cover them from abroad.

It’s amazing how all these valuable papers are not being put down by the recent change in medium for news.  The information is still being put out there and reaching people who may not speak English, but still influence America.