Side Effects

Posted on November 13, 2010


A recent video created by animator Smigly depicts a common problem we face today with social media overload. Have you worried about your health instead of the missed emails and messages or updated tweets?

The man in the video is exhausted out of his mind. He sees, breathes and dreams masses of media. And when he tries to read a book his vision gets foggy then he reverts to images of facebook and twitter.

It’s all about control some people say. Do you control the information or is it controlling you?

So, as if the current social hours aren’t enough, YouTube launched YouTube Topics. Now viewers are going to spend even longer hours on the site with no direction because they get to watch multiple topics relevant to a search.

A navigation tool called Waze, is now a mobile app that allows one to socialize and navigate–call it a social navigation network because it uses crowd-sourcing to generate maps and provide real-time traffic conditions, weather and even locations of cop cars…all while you’re making friends.

Some aspects of social media can be helpful but if used longer than needed, just like medication there’s a reason why there’s a recommended dosage and it’ll be some time before you see the side effects.