Basic Essentials

Posted on November 20, 2010


This week, the House democrats rejected a bill that was unanimously supported by Republicans to defund National Public Radio (NPR), with 239-171 vote.  The proposal came after House Republicans started an anti-government spending program called YouCut, where Americans vote for the different projects they want to cut.

If there’s ever a medium that supplies the basic essentials of news, it would be NPR.  It reaches listeners and prompts them to go online to get podcasts or listen to other programs.  There’s a variety of topics and news that isn’t said these days on TV but it’s practically covered by NPR.  Listening to it every morning will make you feel like you’re getting the daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

And why did the firing of Juan Williams spark the initial idea to defund NPR? Would the firing of other journalists also create an equally strong debate?

Apparently Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee were not the only ones who were angered by that decision.

The field of public radio is expanding and cutting funds would in the future lead to cut jobs.  This proposal not only loses in the long run, but it takes away the role journalism plays in our democratic society.

Correspondents all across the country and Washington are needed now more than ever to have the role of watchdog on government.  When the founders of American government created the 1st Amendment, it stated that government should not create laws infringing the freedom of press.  The role of the press was highly encouraged, now the government wants to limit it.

It’s also quite ironic that the ads to defund NPR was paid for by Americans for Limited Government.  This really doesn’t make sense, if they want limited government why are they not supporting the watchdog?