Staying Popular

Posted on November 27, 2010


While Apple, Google, and Hulu are multiplying options for online and on-demand content, broadcasters are still encouraged to stream to the viewers’ living rooms.

Viacom‘s president and CEO, Philippe Dauman, says that “TV viewing is at an all-time high.” Of course, the company owns MTV and Comedy Central.

TV viewership at home has increased by 0.6% this first quarter compared to last year’s, according to Nielson Co., which keeps tabs on the TV market.  They also noted that DVRs and video-on-demand went up 18% while viewing on mobile phones increased 51%.

So far, broadcasters’ business model to stream into living rooms has paid off.  Can it hold on much longer? Well, that will depend on whether or not innovators for apps on mobile devices or other companies can come up with something that will replace the big-screen experience consumers get in front of television.

Netfilx and Hulu are not giving up, because they offer on-deamnd films and TV programs online and on mobile devices.

Can this really change the viewers habits?

I think the ultimate experience comes from TV in front of me and going out to the theaters.  I mean, why else are all movie producers looking into investing in 3-D movies and playing in IMAX? The first experiences a consumer has determines the future success.  This is something Google and Apple have to compete with.  The “watching” aspect is something that will stay popular for a while.

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