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Drought ‘that divided homes’ keeps hunger’s grip on Turkana

February 8, 2013


TURKANA, Kenya--Droughts have become more frequent and longer over the last three decades. For the most vulnerable, like Ana Mana, the absence of rainfall means the constant threat of hunger.

‘Waste’ Fuels Scientists’ Efforts

February 3, 2013


By Dipti Kumar, Michael Ruiz and Ansa Varughese--- For decades, the logistics of moving equipment and people to remote deserts hindered Richard and Meave Leakey’s paleoanthropological research. They needed a better way to hunt fossils.

Unraveling Environmental Issues with Genetics

December 20, 2012


The tiny western flowered thrip is an insect as translucent as ale that looks like a cross between a grasshopper and a maggot.  But its small parenthesis-like size doesn’t fool farmers. It’s costing them millions of dollars as the bug chomps its way through hundreds of thousands of acres of fruits, vegetables and flowers in Southern and […]

Symposium Highlights Communicating Science

October 26, 2012


By Samantha Olson and Ansa Varughese---Last month, in honor of National Postdoc Appreciation Week, Stony Brook University held its first ever Postdoc Research Symposium. The event attracted more than 135 attendees and featured oral presentations, a poster/networking session along with a keynote speaker. What made the symposium even more memorable was the theme of the event: communicating science to the public.

Restoring the Bobwhite

May 11, 2012


The Northern Bobwhite quail flap their copper-colored wings and expand their speckled bellies to bellow out a distinct two-part whistle. If you listen closely, they sound like they’re calling “bob white.” These native birds were once popular game for hunters, but this year, the Department of Environmental Conservation has abridged its quail hunting grounds on […]

Dawn Wohn: Violinist

December 9, 2010


December 9, 2010 Dawn Dongeun Wohn’s pale skin stands out against the red chiffon dress that extends from her neck to touch the floor of the recital hall in Sony Brook University’s Staller Center.  The diamond-crested headband matches an equally dazzling design along the waist of the dress and sweeps back her jet-black hair. On […]


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